Committal for contempt of Court in Open Court in the County Court sitting at Chelmsford: Brittain

|Contempt of Court

Chelmer Housing v Stuart Brittain case number B00CM669

Before HHJ Murfitt sitting at Chelmsford County Court on 29 January 2016

After hearing the oral evidence of Mr Christopher James and Mr Anthony James Burke for the claimants and hearing the oral evidence of the defendant Stuart Brittain and of his mother Carol Ann Brittain for the defendant, and upon reading the written evidence filed on behalf of both parties and viewing the video footage adduced by the claimant

HHJ Murfitt found the defendant Stuart Brittain to be in breach of the Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction order dated 20.7.2015 in that he used abusive and intimidating language  and gestures towards neighbouring residents at Longstraw Close namely Mr Tait and Ms Barnard on 1.9.2015 and that he used insulting and abusive language towards an employee of the claimant Mr Burke who was working as a garden maintenance operative at Longstraw Close on 10.9.2015

The Court ordered that Stuart Brittain should serve a term of 1 week imprisonment for his contempt, but suspended that order for 6 months on terms that he continues to comply with the terms of the injunction made on 20.7.15

The Court further ordered that the injunction of 20.7.15 be continued for a further period of 6 months

The Defendant was ordered to pay the claimant’s costs, but such order is not to be enforced without leave of the Court following assessment of his means and ability to pay, since he is legally aided.

Lastly the Court directed that there be an assessment of the defendants publicly funded costs

HHJ Catriona Murfitt
The County Court sitting at Chelmsford