Committal for contempt of Court in Open Court in the County Court sitting at Derby: Lynch

|Contempt of Court

In the County Court at Derby

Case number: C02MA923

Trent & Dove Housing


Joel Lynch


Today I heard evidence about the alleged breach of an injunction by the Defendant. His next door neighbour stated that he had been sworn at and threatened in the early hours of the morning of 25th August as he smoked a cigarette outside his front door. While he didn’t report it until that evening he said he was confident of the words used. The Defendant who had chosen to proceed representing himself to avoid delay disputed part of this. He accepted he had sworn at his neighbour as he returned from the shops as he felt his neighbour is constantly spying on him and reporting him. He denied any threat. He accepted tenants including his neighbour were right to be aggrieved by his behaviour in the past given difficulties with his ex partner and also when he had been drinking. He also accepted he had been drinking the day before.

I am sure and he has admitted swearing at his neighbour in a wholly unacceptable way. This action was hostile and wholly uncalled for. The Defendant also accepted he had the chance to have the injunction against him carefully explained by the Claimants housing officer but chose not to do this.

I was not sure the threat was made. The strong feelings his neighbour has to the Defendant were apparent in court, and I was anxious about his certainty recalling exact words some hours later and the fact the Defendant was often difficult to hear clearly, and had to repeat parts of his evidence.

For the breach I found I have sentenced him to one week’s imprisonment. He has been remanded in custody since arrest. He was also warned any further breach would be treated more seriously and reminded clearly about the exact terms of the order. He told the court he regretted his behaviour and would not repeat it.


District Judge Williscroft
30th August 2016