Committal for contempt of Court in Open Court in the County Court sitting at Gloucester: Cook

|Contempt of Court

Pursuant to paragraph 13 of Practice Direction: Committal for Contempt of Court – Open Court

In relation to BOOGLO45, on 1/3/16, at the County Court at Gloucester and Cheltenham in the case of Cheltenham Borough Council -v- Leslie Michael Cook, I His Honour Judge Harington, sentenced Leslie Michael Cook to 42 days imprisonment for contempt of court, the sentence to be suspended on condition that he does not again breach the Anti Social Behaviour Injunction, dated 3 July 2015, between now and the end of the order on 20 August 2016 The basis of the sentence was that this was a serious incident and the Respondent had breached the injunction on previous occasions. Accordingly a custodial sentence was inevitable. I did, though, decide to suspend it for the following reasons. First that the respondent admitted the breach and apologised to the court and those individuals who were in the chemist at the time, secondly that he had recently served a prison sentence from which he was released on 19 February and finally that he had been in custody over night.


Michael Harington
1 March 2016