Committal for contempt of Court in Open Court in the County Court sitting at Manchester: Ward

|Contempt of Court

In The Manchester County Court

Case No: B03MA784

1. On the 3 June 2016 this court committed the following named person to prison

Nicola Ward

2. In relation to an order dated

14 December 2015

3. which provided that the Defendant should not

  1. Engage or threaten to engage in conduct capable of causing harassment, alarm or distress to any person;
  2. Use abusive or insulting or threatening behavior against any member of the police or emergency services or hospital staff;
  3. Use or threaten violence against any member of the police or emergency services or hospital staff;

4. The court found following (a) on hearing the evidence relating to each of the alleged scheduled breaches and (b) admissions made by the defendant on 9th March 2016 before Recorder Grundy and on 3rd June 2016 before HHJ Main QC

  1. 9 separate breaches of the Order between 30th December 2015 and 6th January 2016 as attached to the order of 9th March 2016;
  2. 13 further and separate breaches of the Order between 6th and 10th May 2016 (during the period of a deferred sentence from 9th March 2016;
    Each of the breaches being a breach of (1),(ii) and (iii) of the order of 14th December 2015, the full details of which are attached to the said orders;

5. and imposed the following sentence for those breach

For 22 breaches of the Order
8 weeks immediate custody allowing for (a) time already served on remand (b) admissions made (c) mitigation (d) mental health issues and Equality Act 2010 adjustment.

6. Accordingly it was ordered that Nicola Ward be committed for contempt to Her Majesty’s Prison at Styal for a total period of 8 Weeks or until lawfully discharged if sooner, committal be issued forthwith.

Judge: HHJ P.R. Main QC

8 June 2016