Committal for contempt of Court in Open Court in the County Court sitting at Nottingham: Muthra

|Contempt of Court

In the County Court at Nottingham

Case No: B01NG159


Her Honour Judge George


Nottingham City Council – Applicant


Richard Muthra – Respondent

Sitting in public on 27 October 2015


  1. The respondent has been brought before the court today having been arrested by the police this morning. He is alleged to have breached paragraph 1b of the order of this court dated 9 October 2015. That order forbids him from assaulting or threatening to assault Ms Rosemarie Metcalfe of 143 Tulip Avenue, St Anns, Nottingham. Mr Muthra was personally served with the Order on13 October. He was also present in court when the order was made and was legally represented at the hearing.
  2. Ms Metcalfe has made a statement to the police in which she says that at 0645 hours this morning Mr Muthra came to her home, banged on the door and said, “You’re a snitch. I’m going to get my family down to murder you.”
  3. Both the City Council and Mr Muthra have been represented before the court today. Mr Muthra admits that he attended at Ms Metcalfe’s property this morning and that he said what is alleged. He admits that this is a breach of paragraph 1b of the order made on 9 October. It has not therefore been necessary for me to hear any evidence.
  4. I am satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that the Order made on 9 October was breached by Mr Muthra this morning. He was served with the order and has been lawfully arrested and brought before the court.
  5. Ms Metcalfe tells the court that as a result of what happened today she has suffered an angina attack and left her home to be with her daughter because she is too scared to stay there.
  6. I am told that Mr Muthra accepts he should not have issued the threat and says he will not do anything like this again. The case is due to come back to court on 11 December to enable Mr Muthra to adduce evidence from a psychiatrist.
  7. I have considered the range of sentences available to the court and considered all the circumstances of the case including the mitigation presented on Mr Muthra’s behalf. Mr Muthra will go to prison for 28 days but the sentence is suspended for 6 months until 26 April 2016.
  8. In compliance with the Practice Direction on Contempt of Court 2015, I state that Mr Richard Muthra has been sentenced to 28 days imprisonment suspended for 6 months for breaching an anti-social behaviour order made on 9 October 2015.

HHJ George

27 October 2015