Committal for contempt of Court in Open Court in the County Court sitting at Peterborough: Thurling

|Contempt of Court

Case No:A02BM982

In The County Court sitting at Peterborough

  1. On the 20th December 2016 this court committed the following named person to prisonSHAUN THURLING
  1. In relation to an order dated7th December 2015 and 18th January 2016
  1. which provided that the Defendant should noti) use or threaten violence against employees of the Claimant
    ii) initiate contact or attempt to initiate contact with any staff member of the Claimant
  1. the court found that he had breached  that order byi) using or threatening violence against Melanie Wade an employee of the Claimant
    ii) initiating contact with Melanie Wade an employee of the Claimant
  1. and imposed the following sentence(s) for those breach(es)Sentence
    i) 26 weeks imprisonment
  1. Accordingly it was ordered that(2) Shaun Thurling be committed for contempt to Her Majesty’s Prison for a (total) period of 26 weeks or until lawfully discharged if sooner, [and that a warrant of arrest and committal be issued forthwith].


District Judge John Matthews
20 December 2016