Committal for contempt of Court in Open Court in the County Court sitting at Walsall: Freeman

|Contempt of Court

In the County Court at Walsall

Case No: B00NU382

Hinckley and Bosworth BC -v- John Freeman

On 22 March 2016 HH Judge Gregory committed John Freeman to prison for a total of  6 weeks for contempt of court.

The circumstances were:

  1. On 28/10/15 the court made an order forbidding D from inter alia causing or permitting any noise to be audible outside his property at 66 Ferness Road Hinckley between 2200 hours and 0700 hours.
  2. D breached that order on 17/12/15 , 8/1/16 ,and 22/1/16 by making a continuing loud banging noise audible in the flat below his occupied by Anne Clarke. He further breached it on 25/2/16 by the playing of loud music similarly audible.
  3. The court heard evidence from Mrs Clarke and D made admissions. He displayed no genuine remorse.
  4. He was sentenced to 2 weeks concurrent for each of the first 3 breaches and 4 weeks consecutive for the fourth breach.

HH Judge Gregory