Committal for contempt of Court in Open Court in the County Court sitting at Walsall: Manning

|Contempt of Court

In the County Court at Walsall

Case No: C00WJ116

On 22 August, His Honour Judge Mithani QC sentenced the above-named Defendant, Mr Marvin Manning, to a total term of imprisonment of three weeks for having breached the terms of an injunction dated 12th May 2016. He also sentenced the Defendant to a term of imprisonment of one week for a previous breach of the injunction in relation to which he had deferred sentence.

The sentences of imprisonment were directed to run concurrently. However, they were suspended on condition that the Defendant comply with the terms of the injunction which was made against him until the expiry of the period of the injunction.

An application for the committal of the Defendant had been made by the Walsall Housing Group Ltd. A total of 4 allegations were found to be proved in addition to a similar previous allegation in respect of which the Judge had deferred sentence. In relation to the breach which was found to be proved at the earlier hearing, the defendant was sentenced to a term of imprisonment for a week. In relation to the rest of the breaches, the term of imprisonment was 3 weeks. The periods have been directed to run concurrently.

The Judge found that the Defendant had caused nuisance and annoyance to a neighbour of his over what was a significant period of time. He determined that a custodial sentence was appropriate but that it should be suspended because of the Defendant’s age and the other mitigation which was advanced on his behalf.

His Honour Judge Mithani QC