Committal for Contempt of Court in Open Court at The Family Court at Hull

|Contempt of Court

Case No: KH14C09025

In The Family Court at Hull

The Combined Court Centre

27th April 2015


Mr Recorder Moradifar


East Riding of Yorkshire Council


Whitworth and Others



For Local Authority: Miss Hall
For Jennifer Whitworth: Miss Trimmer

Transcribed from an audio recording by
J L Harpham Limited
Official Court Reporters and Transcribers
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Sheffield S1 2DX

Mr. Recorder Moradifar: Miss Whitworth, would you stand up please.

Jennifer Whitworth: Yes.

Mr. Recorder Moradifar: Jennifer Whitworth, I find that you are in contempt of court by publishing extracts of my judgment that was handed down in private, and not for public consumption, on a date between the 13th and 14th April 2015. In doing so, you have potentially caused a number of difficulties. You are clearly in breach of the rules of the court against publishing the information that was contained in the judgment. I base my finding on your admission, as contained in your statement dated the 23rd April 2015 and confirmed by you in the witness box, having been sworn this morning.

There are a range of sanctions available to me. In considering what the appropriate sentence is, I have taken into account your current circumstances, the very stressful circumstances that you have found yourself in, and that you are pregnant. I know that your finances are limited, and I also take into account that you have admitted the breach as soon as you possibly could. Nonetheless, this is a very serious offence, and it cannot just simply be ignored. To that extent, the appropriate sentence is fourteen days’ term of imprisonment that I am going to suspend for six months. I am sure Miss Trimmer will explain to you what that means, but just so you are absolutely clear, this means that, if you are found to be in contempt of court again during the next six months, not only will you serve those fourteen days imprisonment but you may also serve additional time for any breaches that are subsequently found.

Jennifer Whitworth: Okay.

Recorder Moradifar: Do you understand that?

Jennifer Whitworth: Yeah.

Mr. Recorder moradifar: Thank you very much. You can go back now.

Miss Trimmer: Thank you, your Honour.