Committal for Contempt of Court in Open Court at the County Court at Manchester

|Contempt of Court|Civil

On 5 May 2015, His Honour Judge Armitage QC found John Mongan guilty of Contempt of Court. John Mongan admitted that at about 18:45 on Friday 1 May he had been found within the dwelling 16a Longport Avenue, Manchester, which was itself within a larger zone from which he had been excluded by an anti-social behaviour injunction, including a power of arrest, granted in July 2014 and that he had been arrested. He had not, on 1 May, committed any anti-social behaviour. By mere presence he was for the third time in contempt and also in breach of two suspended prison sentences imposed for earlier breaches of the injunction. The circumstances on 1 May were sufficiently different to avoid activation of the suspended orders, which remain in force. John Mongan had been in police custody since arrest (almost four days). He was sentenced to imprisonment for such period as would and did facilitate his immediate release.