Committal for Contempt of Court: Warwickshire C C -v- Alex Woodside

|Contempt of Court

In the above case;

  1. On 15/9/14 the Court ordered that an ASBI made on 11/8/14 should continue until 4pm 15/9/16.
  2. On 1/5/15 C issued an application requiring D to show cause why he should not be committed for breach ( an N78 Notice ).
  3. The application was supported by witness statements from Michael Conway and Georgina Newell.
  4. The matter came before me today.
  5. D represented himself . He declined an adjournment to seek legal representation.
  6. D admitted the 3 breaches alleged.
  7. In mitigation he blamed his conduct on drink and stated that he was turning his life around with the aid of a new girlfriend.
  8. The breaches were thereby proved as follows :
    1. Approaching Michael Conway.
    2. Being abusive and threatening to him.
    3. Being abusive and aggressive towards Georgina Newell.
  9. D was sentenced to a total of 4 months imprisonment suspended upon terms that he comply with the ASBI until its expiry.

His Honour Judge Philip Gregory