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Compensation for Loss of Pension Rights in Employment Tribunals

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A consultation on Compensation for Loss of Pension Rights in Employment Tribunals proceeded in parallel in England and Wales and Scotland, opened on 30 March 2016 and closed on 20 May 2016.  The Working Group of Employment Judges have now published their Response which is uploaded here along with the original consultation document.

The Working Group produced the consultation paper in response to the need identified by Lord Justice Underhill in Griffin v Plymouth Hospital NHS Trust [2014] IRLR 962, to review the 2003 third edition of the booklet ‘Compensation for Loss of Pension Rights: Employment Tribunals’ in order to reflect recent changes in pension law and practice.

The result is the joint Presidential Guidance on Pension Loss dated 10 August 2017 and the 2017 fourth edition of the detailed booklet (now called “The Principles for Compensating Pension Loss”). These documents will not be published in hard copy form, but are available on the following pages of this website:

Employment Rules and Legislation: Practice Directions

Directions and Guidance for Employment Tribunals (Scotland)

Brian Doyle
Shona Simon