Listing: Issued by the Lord Chief Justice in July 2005 and incorporated into the Crown Court Manual


This section of the Crown Court Manual is issued under and with the authority of the Lord Chief Justice.

• It sets out the principles applicable to listing in the Crown and Magistrates’ Courts.

• It supports the Criminal Procedure Rules which introduce new principles of case management to criminal cases. The changes made emphasise the fact:

▪ that judges will be required to make firm arrangements for the listing of cases at the Plea and Case Management Hearing (or earlier)

▪ that parties must comply with the directions and timetable then set so that cases are ready to be heard in accordance with that timetable

▪ that cases commence promptly at the appointed hour in accordance with that timetable.

• It sets out the new arrangements for the assignment of judges to cases.

• It emphasises the importance, recently stressed by the Court of Appeal, of ensuring that no short hearings in other cases interrupt the prompt commencement or continuation of trials each day at the time appointed.