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Employment Rules and Legislation: Practice Directions

Rules that govern Employment Tribunals procedures

Update 12 June 2020

Practice Direction (Employment Appeal Tribunal – Procedure – Hearings)

Update 1 June 2020

Updated FAQs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic

Update 29 May 2020

Employment Tribunals listing direction review outcome
The Presidents of Employment Tribunals (England and Wales and Scotland) have carried out a second review of their Joint Direction, first issued on 19 March 2020, amended on 24 March 2020 and subject to a first review on 29 April 2020, regarding the listing of Employment Tribunal cases during the COVID-19 pandemic. Following on from that review the Direction remains in force in its current form. The Presidents will shortly issue a ‘road map’, appended to an amended FAQ sheet, which provides further detail about the listing and methods of conduct of ET hearings over the next few months.

Update 4 May 2020

Presidential Practice Direction: Electronic Signatures

Update 4 May 2020

Updated FAQs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic – Employment Tribunals (updated – see 1 June)

Update 22 April 2020

ET Presidential Guidance on Vulnerable Parties and Witnesses

Update: 27 March 2020

See below for Third Addendum to Presidential Guidance on Vento bands (originally issued on 5 September 2017)

Update: 23 March 2020

Amendment to Direction issued by Employment Tribunal Presidents: ET Covid-19 Direction Amendment 23.3.20

Updated: 18 March 2020

See below for Presidential guidance in connection with the conduct of employment tribunal proceedings during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic