The Family Justice Modernisation Programme: Implementation Update Number One

|Reports and Reviews

Mr. Justice Ryder was appointed by the Lord Chief Justice in November 2011 as the Judge in charge of the Modernisation of Family Justice and tasked with the presentation of a report from the judicial perspective by the end of July 2012. It has been agreed that, subject to the overall direction of the Acting President, Ryder J will continue to lead the modernisation programme, until a new President of the Family Division is in office.

The President has established a board (the President’s Implementation Board) to act as the judiciary’s programme board for the implementation of the family modernisation programme. It is chaired by the President and its membership is drawn from leadership judges and officials from the Judicial Office and HMCTS. MoJ, DfE, Cafcass and the Association of Directors of Children’s Services attend as observers.

The first update from the modernisation programme can be found below.