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Hearings: Employment Appeal Tribunal

Hearings are conducted by a judge alone or by a judge and two lay members.

The judge is normally a High Court or circuit judge or Scottish Court of Session judge. Occasionally the judge will be a Recorder or Commissioner.

The lay members have practical experience in employment relations (one on the employers’ side and one on the employees’). The EAT’s permanent judges are listed below.


Judges at the EAT are High Court, circuit or Scottish Court of Session judges.

The judges who sit at the EAT for most the year are:

The Honourable Mr Justice Choudhury (President)
The Honourable Lord Summers
His Honour Judge Auerbach
His Honour Judge Tayler

Other judges visit the EAT for periods from a few days to a few months.

All judges who sit at the EAT are appointed in England and Wales, with the exception of The Honourable Lord Summers, who is appointed in Scotland.

Lay Members

Lay members have practical experience in employment relations, either on the employers’ side (for example as personnel directors) or on the employees’ side (for example as trade union leaders). When two lay members sit on a tribunal there will be one from each side


Some authorities (significant previous cases) are so frequently cited at the EAT hearings that copies are kept in each court, and parties are not required to include copies in their bundles. These frequently-cited authorities are listed in the following document.