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A View from The President’s Chambers [AMcF1]

Rt. Hon. Sir Andrew McFarlane, President of the Family Division

The Number One Priority

Having spent the past two months meeting a large number of people and having now visited some 10 of the 42 Designated Family Judge court centres, I am in a position to set out a preliminary view of the present situation in the Family Court and to offer both a plan and a timetable aimed at addressing the more pressing problems that are currently being faced by all who work in the family justice system.

In publishing this, my first ‘View,’ I have very much in mind the Key Note Address given to the ALC Annual Conference in Bristol on 24th November 2018. The ALC Address  should be read alongside this ‘View’ as it sets out in much more detail my preliminary assessment of the high volume of children cases that are at present coming to the courts and offers some focus on those areas of our practice which seem to be the ripest for review. In the ALC Key Note, I have described the need to address the unprecedented and unsustainable volume of cases in the system as my Number One priority.