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PQBD’s Review of Efficiency in Criminal Proceedings: Video


In the below video David Robinson and Enzo Riglia, the Review Secretariat, discuss the aims of the Review.

Transcript of video

Question: What is the purpose of the review?

Sir Brian Leveson, the President of the Queen’s Bench Division, was asked by the Lord Chancellor to carry out a Review of Efficiency in Criminal Proceedings. That’s effectively a review from cradle to grave so it’s all matters post charge police station right through until conclusion of a trial and sentencing. It’s a considerable task.

The Lord Chancellor had asked the Lord Chief to carry out a review in order to look at ways in which the system might be improved and to dovetail with existing processes, pilots and schemes and initiatives which are currently underway in the criminal justice system in England and Wales.

The Review is being informed by a series of three sub groups. Firstly the trail sub-group chaired by Mr Justice Openshaw. Secondly the Information Technology and Listing sub-group chaired by Lord Justice Fulford. Thirdly the Case Management sub-group chaired by Professor David Ormerod.

Question: Where is the review gathering its evidence from?

The Review is gathering its evidence from a number of sources. There’s the representatives of all the relevant agencies on the main consultancy group. There’s also the research that the reviews doing; making international comparisons using analytical information from the Ministry of Justice and it also has a website that is attracting comments from professional users and the general public.