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Revise and simplify rules about commencing proceedings in a Magistrates’ Court


Council of Her Majesty’s Circuit Judges

Part 7 criminal procedure rules: Observations of the criminal sub committee of the council of HM circuit judges:

  • Supports the initiative to clarify and simplify the procedure for the commencement of proceedings in a Magistrates Court.
  • In practical terms, will deal with the way in which criminal process is instituted. It does not appear that any of these proposals makes a significant difference to the practices that are currently in place.
  • Agrees with the proposal that each of the three ways in which proceedings may commence in a Magistrates Court.

Response South East Circuit Presiders

Letter showing reply on on behalf of the SE Circuit PJJ:

  • lists responses to specific questions of the consultation and,
  • supports all the proposed changes.

Magistrates’ Association

The Judicial Policy and Practice Committee response to the proposal, includes list of general questions and the Committee’s responses.

  • Supports simplifying the procedures to make it easier for the general public to understand what is happening in court, provided that it does not compromise justice.
  • The same rules should also apply to different tiers of the system whenever possible.

Magistrates’ Association – Judicial Policy and Practice Committee