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SPJ’s Review of the PTPH form – a request for assistance

With apologies, this notice is only applicable for judges and recorders sitting in Crime

When the Online PTPH was introduced we promised to review its content and functionality after about 6 months. The SPJ has now asked us to conduct that review. To that end we seek the help of judges, court staff and other users to provide feedback, and most particularly as to what, in your view, ought to be done to improve the form. As a linked issue, please let us know if you have encountered problems with the operation of the DCS.

There are, of course, many improvements that – subject always to budget – we would like to make, but it is critical that we learn from the judiciary, court staff and others who use this software about any particular difficulties that have been encountered, whether big or small. Any contribution can be either on an individual basis or as part of a group. We will then consider which of the competing suggestions is feasible (given the budget is not limitless) and an order of priority for any remedial works.

You can use either of the addresses below.  Please send any response by 31st August 2016.

It is vital that the “users” of these systems are at the heart of any ongoing design and development work, and we would be very grateful if you are able to spare the time to contribute to this work by sending in your views.

HHJ Edmunds QC
HHJ Collier QC
HHJ Menary QC

19 July 2016