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Senior President of Tribunals: First Implementation Review

|Reports and Reviews

“On 3 November 2008, (“T1 Day”) if all goes according to plan, we will reach another very significant milestone in the reform of justice in the United Kingdom. The remaining provisions of Part 1 of the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 will be brought into force together with a number of related pieces of subordinate legislation. The Upper Tribunal and the First-tier Tribunal created by that Act will come into being and will take over the jurisdictions of a number of existing tribunals.

Implementation will take place in two stages:

a. T1 day (3.11.08): Upper Tribunal (Administrative Appeals Chamber); First tier (Social Entitlement Chamber1; Health, Education and Social Care Chamber)

b. T2 day (April 2009): Upper Tribunal (Finance and Tax, and Lands); First-tier (Tax and Duties; Lands; General Regulatory)…”