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The Better Case Management (BCM) Handbook


This is a guide developed by judges for all those who sit and work in the Crown Court.  It is a reminder of the principles of Better Case Management which remain as relevant today as they were when introduced in January 2016.  In the midst of change, we should not lose sight of what we were trying to achieve by introducing BCM; business goes on as usual and we need to maintain our focus on ensuring that justice is open, fair and timely.  We can achieve that by using national procedures and encouraging robust, consistent case management across all courts.

For that reason, it is time to reiterate the principles and think about what we have learned in the last two years and to share what we have learned with each other.

I am grateful for the time given to this by the small group of judges who form the Judicial Performance Group.

Lady Justice Macur
Senior Presiding Judge of England and Wales