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What are our career prospects?

District judges discuss career directions for their role.

“There are two possibilities and most district judges actually remain a district judge for their whole career, it’s a second career and that’s where they would remain, but there are many opportunities in policy work, committee work, training work. I’m a tutor judge for the judicial studies board; that will be one example. So there are all sorts of other things that you can do as well as actually your judging in court; opportunities to lecture, those sort of opportunities. But there is also the opportunity to apply to the open competitions for other levels of the judiciary.”

“I look on the work of a district judge or the career as a district judge as being a career very much that is valid in its own right; it’s a very interesting and worthwhile career. But there are opportunities for district judges who would like to progress to the higher ranks of the judiciary and they obviously are open to apply in competitions for those posts, just like anybody else, and we do have a number of district judges who do succeed in those applications and then move on to other tiers of the judiciary.”