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What are the rewards of being a district judge?

District judges talk about the rewards of their role.

Transcript of video interviews with district judges

“The best thing is the fact that I feel as if I can move people forward in…if they’ve got stuck, say, a couple who are divorcing and they’ve got stuck and no-one can make a decision about the children, no-one can make a decision about the house or what’s going to happen and I’m the person who is will ultimately make those decisions and then life can move on. And whilst it’s very traumatic for people, at least I feel it’s the end of that phase and it’s the beginning of being able to move on in their life and I find that very rewarding.”

“What I really enjoy about the job is the variety-no two days are ever quite the same. We see a wide variety of cases. Every week we may come across something new- however long you’ve been sitting as a judge you may come across something that you’ve never encountered before and you have to deal with that. And the nature of our work brings us into very close contact with the public.”

“Well, it’s very varied, the areas of law we cover are huge. A whole variety and spectrum of society wanders in and out of the courts. So, it’s a challenge-each day is different from the day before and it’s a good… you meet with people, if you like meeting with people but also engaging with the law and intellectual challenge so I’d say it’s a very varied job.”

“Being able to attempt to solve the insoluble; grappling with, and hopefully, mastering complicated facts and difficult points of law. But, you know, best of all, righting a wrong.”