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What qualities do we need?

District judges discuss the qualities required to become a judge.

Transcript of video interviews with district judges

You have to draw on so many aspects of your legal background but also your humanity so you know what the law says and you then listen to the facts and you make findings of fact and then you have to step back and say, ‘come on, what is the right answer here? On a human level is this justifiable, is this the right answer?’ and sometimes it’s not easy. You have to make some very difficult decisions that change people’s lives but they have to be made.”

Well, obviously the qualities that you need as a judge are: you need to be able to assimilate large quantities of information fairly quickly; you need to have analytical skills; you need to be good with people, and if you’re not a litigator, so you don’t have experience in the courts, if somebody was interested, then you would probably want them to shadow a judge to see what the job involved before they did so.”

I’m an office holder, I can’t be sacked, or at least it’s extremely difficult to get rid of me. You also have a restriction as a judge that you have to be you have to be apolitical; you have to be completely, absolutely 100 percent honest about your dealings with people. I tell the children off if they get caught dodging a train fare. You have to show that you are 100 percent trustworthy because the public put their trust in you completely and you have to live up to that.”