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Why become a district judge?

District judges talk about how they became a judge

Transcript of video interviews with district judges

“My professional career as a solicitor mainly involved dealing with civil litigation – court work; a variety of sorts and I was regularly appearing in court, I was regularly in employment tribunals, planning appeals, things like that and I rather enjoyed the cut and thrust of that sort of atmosphere. It was suggested to me that I should consider becoming a part-time judge, which I did and thoroughly enjoyed it and so decided that I would seek an appointment as a full-time judge.”

“What I really found as the great attraction was the opportunity to practice law. I was a lawyer, I loved the law and still do, I wanted to do law. I didn’t want to spend half my life on administration, assisting in the management of the practice and performing all sorts of marketing antics to get work in. Goodbye to grovelling for work and goodbye to admin and hello to pure law.”

“Well I hadn’t really thought about becoming a judge, I wasn’t born to be a judge, I hadn’t really considered it until the judge in our local county court, and I appeared there frequently as an advocate, actually asked me had I thought about applying to be a deputy district judge and that obviously started me thinking along the process and then I began to explore it from there.”

“As an advocate, you are forever appearing before tribunals and making respectful submissions of course, about what they should do and why they should do it, and when they don’t do it you get frustrated but if you’re the judge, you’re looking at it from a different stand point; you don’t have that frustration and within the parameters which are set for you, you can actually make a difference, you can actually do justice.”