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12 December 2017
A transcript and podcast of the FJC’s 11th Annual Debate on the court’s role in sanctioning medical treatment and the withdrawal of medical treatment of children is now available.

5 September 2017
Appointment of two new members to the Family Justice Council.
We are pleased to announce that Colette Dutton and Karen Simmons have been appointed by the President of the Family Division, to be the Assistant Director of Children’s Services members of the Family Justice Council (FJC).  The appointments are for three years from 21 July 2017. The posts are unremunerated.

The appointments process was conducted in line with the principles set out in the Governance Code on Public Appointments.

25 May 2017
The impacts of abuse and neglect on children; and comparison of different placement options: Evidence review
The Department for Education has recently published an evidence review examining the effects of abuse and neglect on children, and whether different placement types affect their outcomes.

15 May 2017
Can you help to deliver better Justice for Families?
The closing date for the Assistant Director of Children’s Services vacancy has now passed.

9 March 2017
The Inaugural Bridget Lindley Annual Memorial Lecture: Lecture by Lord Justice McFarlane: Holding the Risk – the Balance between Child Protection and the Right to Family Life

20 December 2016
A transcript and podcast of the FJC’s 10th Annual Debate on Settlement Conferences is now available.

22 November 2016
The deadline for applications to attend the 10th Annual Debate has now passed and the event is full. A podcast and transcript will be published on our website after the event.

30 June 2016
Guidance on “Financial Needs” on Divorce
This guide has been produced by the Family Justice Council and is addressed primarily to courts and legal advisers.  It is intended as a useful tool in relation to the making of orders to meet financial needs following divorce and the dissolution of civil partnerships.

6 May 2016
Psychologists as expert witnesses in the Family Courts in England and Wales: Standards, competencies and expectations
Guidance produced by The Family Justice Council, in conjunction with the British Psychological Society

05 April 2016
The FJC has published a new guide for litigants in person Sorting out Finances on Divorce.

17 December 2015
Going to Court about a Family Issue?
This leaflet is for litigants in person to alert them to a series of online family law guides available on the Advicenow website

2 December 2015
A full transcript and podcast of the Council’s 9th Annual Debate on Adoption Without Parental Consent is now available.

10 November 2015
We are pleased to announce that DJ Andrew Greensmith and HHJ Jane Probyn have been appointed by the President of the Family Division, in consultation with the Lord Chancellor, to be members of the Family Justice Council (FJC) for 3 years from October 2015.

See the membership list for a full list of the members.

7 October 2015
The Family Justice Council is holding its 9th Annual Debate and panel discussion on Tuesday 24 November 2015.

15 July 2015
The Ministry of Justice publishes the final report of the Triennial Review of the Family Justice Council.

30 March 2015
The FJC have funded two films on the advicenow website:
How to represent yourself in family court
How to complete your financial statement (Form E) without the help of a solicitor

23 March 2015
Vacancy: Academic member, Child Mental Health Specialist member, Paediatrician member and Justices’ Clerk/Assistant Justices’ Clerk member (This advert has closed)

20 March 2015
Final Report of the Vulnerable Witnesses and Children Working Group

10 February 2015
How to get a divorce or end a civil partnership without the help of a lawyer
Guidance available on the advicenow website.

9 February 2015
Appointment of 3 members of the Family Justice Council
Appointment of Elizabeth Isaacs QC, Helen Morris and Sara McIlroy as new members of the Family Justice Council.

8 December 2014
Podcast: Transparency in family proceedings – Is the Family Court Open for Business?

23 October 2014
Practice Direction – New national standards for family court experts

23 October 2014
Children’s relationship with separated parents to be emphasised by new law

8 October 2014
Transparency and the Family Court Family Justice Council 8th Annual Debate

14 February 2014
FJC Response to Court Fees: Proposals for Reform

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