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FJC Funded Research into the Quality of Psychologists Report used in Family Proceedings

‘A report on a study conducted by Professor Jane Ireland of the University of Central Lancashire, and part funded by the Family Justice Council.The FJC is actively promoting mechanisms to improve the quality and supply of expert witness expertise in the family courts. This study of psychological reports in family proceedings gives important pointers towards checks that the judiciary and magistrates can use to ensure that those who provide expert witness reports have appropriate qualifications and expertise to do so, and can demonstrate this to the court.

  • FJC Funded Research into the Quality of Psychologists Report used in Family Proceedings

Guidelines for the Instructions for Medical Experts from Overseas in Family Cases

In December 2011 the Experts Committee of the FJC issued Guidelines for the Instruction of Medical Experts from Overseas in Family Cases. The guidelines, endorsed by the President of the Family Division, are for the benefit of family judges and of solicitors who commission experts to give evidence in family cases. Read the document below:

Doctors’ Role in Child Protection

In July 2010 the General Medical Council (GMC) issued a call for evidence regarding the role of doctors in child protection work. This was the first step towards the GMC developing guidance to help doctors meet the expected standards of professional conduct and performance in relation to protecting children and young people from abuse and neglect.

The FJC responded to the call for evidence in September 2010. Having received responses the GMC drafted guidance and launched a consultation in June 2011 which the Experts Committee of the FJC reponded to. Read the documents below:

Legal Aid funding reforms

In August 2009 The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) opened a consultation regarding legal aid funding reform. The Experts Committee of the FJC provided a response to the questions which specifically related to experts fees. Read the documents below:

Bearing Good Witness Report

In October 2006 the Chief Medical Officer published a report which reviewed the use of medical expert witnesses within the family courts and, specifically, within public Law Children Act cases. The report made 16 proposals and was launched for public consultation, which the FJC responded to in February 2007. Read the documents below:

Use of Experts

In November 2004 the Legal Services Commission (LSC) published a consultation paper setting out specific questions regarding proposals about the use of experts in publicly-funded cases. The FJC responded in February 2005. Read the documents below: