Council composition

To ensure an appropriate spectrum of of experience and skills, the membership of the Council includes:

  • Members of the judiciary
  • Members of the legal professions
  • Civil servants concerned with the administration of the family courts
  • Persons with experience in and knowledge of healthcare
  • Persons with experience in and knowledge of social care
  • Persons able to represent the interests of particular users of family courts (such as parents groups and children’s groups)

Full Family Justice Council Membership

President of the Family Division, Sir Andrew McFarlane

Mrs Justice Theis, High Court Judge

Sir Andrew McFarlane, President of the Family Division (pictured left)

Deputy Chair
Mrs Justice Theis, High Court Judge (pictured right)



Neal Barcoe – Ministry of Justice
Annie Bertram – Parents and Families Representative
Christina Blacklaws – Private Law Solicitor
Sam Sprague– Interim Secretary to the FJC
Rebecca Cobbin – HMCTS
Jaime Craig – Child Mental Health Specialist
DJ Judith Crisp – District judge
Alistair Davey – Welsh Government
Maud Davis – Public Law Solicitor
Melanie Carew – Cafcass
Colette Dutton – Assistant Director of Children’s Services
Louise Fleet – Magistrate
Sally Holland – Children’s Commissioner for Wales
Rosemary Hunter – Academic
Alison Kemp – Paediatrician
Beatrice Longmore – Office of the Deputy Children’s Commissioner for England
Ify Okoye – Department of Education
Matthew Pinnell – CAFCASS Cymru
HHJ Jane Probyn – Circuit Judge
Stuart Smith – Justices’ Clerk
Malek Wan Daud – Barrister
Natasha Watson – Public Law Solicitor
Claire Webb – Mediator
Mr Justice Williams – High Court Judge
Sam Momtaz QC – Silk

Executive Committee Members

Mrs Justice Theis


Neal Barcoe
Melanie Carew
Maud Davis
Malek Wan Daud
Rosemary Hunter
Sam Momtaz QC

Code of Practice

Members of the Council must abide by our Code of Practice:

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