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Judicial Work Shadowing Scheme


COVID-19- Update Judicial Work Shadowing and Judicial Mentoring Schemes

The continuing impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the Courts and Tribunals is making itself increasingly felt. In light of the Governments advice to stay at home and to avoid unnecessary contact (social distancing) it is clearly prudent to suspend the Judicial Work Shadowing Scheme and the Judicial Mentoring Scheme  (JWSS & JMS) until such time it is safe to restart the schemes.
This means if you are currently registered and awaiting allocation of a Judicial Office Holder your application will be paused. As from today (Friday 27 March 2020) we will also be taking no new applicants for either scheme until further notice.
Thank you for your understanding.

The Judicial Work Shadowing Scheme gives eligible legal practitioners, who are considering a career in judicial office, an insight into the work of a judge.

If you are applying for a placement at the time of a recent JAC exercise launch, please keep in mind we may not be able to meet demand at peak periods. You may wish to sit in a public hearing and see the type of work you are interested in. Please look at the Courts and Tribunal directory for more information on your nearest courthouse or tribunal centre.