Who are the judiciary?

Organisation of the Judiciary

This outline sets out the structure for the organisation of the judiciary.

Senior Judiciary

Details of the senior judiciary, including the Lord Chief Justice, Heads of Divisions, Lord/Lady Justices of Appeal and High Court Judges.

Leadership Judges

Details of judges with leadership roles including Presiding Judges, Tribunal Leadership Judges, Resident Judges, Designated Civil Judges and Designated Family Judges.


Magistrates are volunteer members of the community, who are also known as Justices of the Peace.

Courts Judiciary

Which judge sits in which type of court?

List of Members of the Courts Judiciary

All judges are appointed by Royal Warrant upon recommendation by the Lord Chancellor.

Tribunals Judiciary

Roles of Tribunal judges and members.

List of Members of the Tribunals Judiciary

Find out more about who sits on which tribunals.

Learn more about our judges

Find information about judges’ career beginnings and how they manage their demanding roles through a selection of ‘day in the life’ accounts.