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Senior Judiciary

Information about the Justices of the Supreme Court can be found on the Supreme Court website (external link, opens in a new tab).

NB: If you see a first name in bold the judge in question will be known by their first name and surname, e.g. Mr Justice Andrew Smith.

Last Updated: 18 February 2021

Lord Chief Justice, the Heads of Division and members of Judicial Executive Board

Name Date of Appt.
The Right Honourable Lord Burnett of Maldon
(Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales)
(CoA 06.10.14 | HC QBD 12.05.08)
Sir Geoffrey Charles Vos
(Master of the Rolls and Head of Civil Justice)
(CoA 3.10.13 | HC CD 27.10.09)
Dame Victoria Madeleine Sharp
(President of the Queen’s Bench Division)
(CoA 2.10.13 | HC QBD 13.01.09)
Sir Andrew McFarlane
(President of the Family Division and Head of Family Justice)
(CoA 28.07.11 | HC FD 18.04.05)
Sir Julian Flaux (Chancellor of the High Court) 03.02.21
(CoA 8.12.16) HC QB 14.05.07
Sir Keith John Lindblom
(Senior President of Tribunals)
(CoA 2.11.15 | HC QB 4.10.10)
Dame Kathryn Mary Thirlwall
(Senior Presiding Judge)
(CoA 1.2.17 | HC QB 13.4.10)
Dame Eleanor Warwick King
(Chair of the Judicial College)
CoA 1.10.14
(HC FD 4.4.08)
Dame Ingrid Ann Simler
(Chair of the Judicial Diversity Committee)
CoA 23.06.19
(HC QB 28.10.13)

Lord and Lady Justices of Appeal

Name Date of Appt.
Sir Kim Martin Jordan Lewison 3.10.11
(HC CD 29.04.03)
Sir Nicholas Edward Underhill
(Vice President, Court of Appeal Civil Division)
(HC QBD 20.1.06)
Sir Adrian Bruce Fulford
(Vice President, Court of Appeal Criminal Division)
(HC QBD 21.11.02)
Dame Julia Wendy Macur 31.7.13
HC FD 3.10.05
Sir David Michael Bean 1.10.14
(HC QB 19.7.04)
Dame Eleanor Warwick King 1.10.14
(HC FD 4.4.08)
Sir Keith John Lindblom
(Senior President of Tribunals)
(HC QB 4.10.10)
Sir David Anthony Stewart Richards 16.11.15
(HC CD 1.10.03)
Sir Launcelot Dinadan James Henderson 3.11.16
(HC CD 11.01.07)
Dame Kathryn Mary Thirlwall
(Senior Presiding Judge)
(HC QB 13.4.10)
Sir Andrew John Gregory Moylan 29.3.17
(HC FD 23.2.07
Sir Timothy Victor Holroyde
(Chairman of the Sentencing Council)
(HC QBD 13.1.09)
Sir Peter Arthur Brian Jackson 2.10.17
(HC FD 1.10.10)
Sir Guy Richard Newey 2.10.17
(HC CD 12.1.10)
Sir Rabinder Singh
(President of the Investigatory Powers Tribunal)
(HC QBD 3.10.11)
Dame Sarah Jane Asplin 2.10.17
(HC CD 1.10.12)
Sir Peter David William Coulson 08.03.18
(HC QB 14.01.08)
(CJ 29.06.04)
Sir Jonathan Leslie Baker 1.10.18
(HC FD 2.11.09)
Sir Nicholas Nigel Green
(Chairman of the Law Commission)
(HC QBD 1.10.13)
Sir Charles Anthony Haddon-Cave
(Deputy Senior Presiding Judge)
COA 1.10.18
(HC QBD 31.10.11)
Dame Nicola Velfor Davies 8.10.18
(HC QBD 22.1.10)
Sir Stephen Martin Males 14.1.19
(HC QB 1.10.12)
Dame Ingrid Ann Simler CoA 23.06.19
(HC QB 28.10.13)
Sir Richard David Arnold 1.10.19
(HC CD 1.10.08
Sir Andrew John Popplewell 19.10.19
(HC QB 3.10.11)
Sir James Michael Dingemans 21.10.19
(HC QB 10.6.13)
Sir Stephen Edmund Phillips 13.01.2020
(HC QB 1.10.13)
Dame Sue Lascelles Carr 21.04.2020
(HC QB 14.6.13)
Sir Jeremy Hugh Stuart-Smith 01.10.2020
(HC QB 02.10.12)
Sir Clive Buckland Lewis 01.10.2020
(HC QB 13.06.13)
Dame Geraldine Mary Andrews 01.10.2020
(HC QB 01.10.13)
Sir Christopher George Nugee 01.10.2020
(HC CD 01.10.13)
Dame Elisabeth Mary Caroline Laing 28.10.2020
(HC QB 29.04.14)
Sir Colin Ian Birss
(Deputy Head of Civil Justice)
(HC CD 13.05.13)
(SCJ 5.10.10)
Sir Andrew Jeremy Coulter Edis 27.01.2021
(HC QB 01.10.2014)
Sir Mark Warby 03.02.2021
(HC QB 10.06.14)
Sir William Easthope Davis TBC
(HC QB 01.05.14)
Sir Richard Andrew Snowden TBC
(HC CD 30.04.15)
Dame Philippa Jane Edwards Whipple TBC
(HC QB 1.10.15)

High Court Chancery Division

Name Date of Appt.
Sir George Anthony Mann 19.01.04
Sir Paul Hyacinth Morgan 19.4.07
Sir Peter Marcel Roth
(President of the Competition Appeal Tribunal)
Sir Robert Henry Thoroton Hildyard 3.10.11
Sir Marcus Alexander Smith 12.1.17
Sir Antony James Zacaroli
(President of the Tax and Chancery Chamber of the Upper Tribunal)
Sir Timothy Miles Fancourt
(President of the Upper Tribunal Lands Chamber)
Dame Sarah Valerie Falk 1.10.18
Sir William Spencer Philip Trower 1.10.19
Sir Robert John Miles 21.04.20
Sir Richard Meade
(Judge in charge of Intellectual Property)
Sir Adam Johnson 01.10.20
Dame Kelyn Bacon 01.10.20
Sir Michael Green 02.11.20
Sir James Mellor 08.02.21
Dame Joanna Smith 15.02.21

High Court Queen’s Bench Division

Name Date of Appt.
Sir Nigel Hamilton Sweeney 1.10.08
Sir Robin Godfrey Spencer 14.7.10
Dame Beverley Ann Mcnaughton Lang 3.10.11
Sir Mark George Turner 28.1.13
Sir Jeremy Russell Baker 25.03.13
(CJ 29.11.10)
Sir Robert Maurice Jay 4.06.13
Sir James Richard William Goss 1.10.14
(CJ 14.12.09)
Dame Maura Patricia McGowan 1.10.14
Sir Robin St John Knowles 1.10.14
Sir Ian William Dove 1.10.14
Sir David John Holgate
(Planning Liaison Judge)
Sir Timothy Julian Kerr 4.6.15
Sir Simon Derek Picken 8.6.15
Sir Peter Donald Fraser 1.10.15
Sir Neil Stephen Garnham 5.11.15
Dame Bobbie Cheema-Grubb 25.11.15
Sir Michael Alexander Soole 26.11.15
Dame Juliet Mary May 3.12.15
(CJ 2.4.08)
Sir Stephen Nathan Morris 3.10.16
Dame Nerys Angharad Jefford 3.10.16
Sir Nicholas Lavender 3.10.16
Dame Finola Mary O’Farrell 17.10.16
Sir Andrew William Baker 1.11.16
Sir Julian Nicholas Goose 2.10.17
(CJ 2.7.13)
Sir Peter Richard Lane 2.10.17
(UT 15.2.10)
Sir Simon James Bryan 2.10.17
Dame Jane Clare Moulder 2.10.17
(CJ 18.9.15)
Sir Martin Benedict Spencer 2.10.17
Sir Julian Bernard Knowles 2.10.17
Dame Amanda Louise Yip 2.10.17
Sir Matthew James Nicklin
(Judge in charge of the Media & Communications List)
Sir Akhlaq Ur-Rahman Choudhury
(President of the Employment Appeal Tribunal)
Dame Sara Elizabeth Cockerill 1.11.17
Dame Christina Caroline Lambert 11.1.18
Sir Christopher John Butcher 5.3.18
Sir Richard David Jacobs 25.6.18
Sir David Michael Waksman 1.10.18
(CJ 12.6.07)
Dame Johannah Cutts 1.18.18
(CJ 16.11.11)
Sir Jonathan Mark Swift

(Judge in charge of the Administrative Court)

Sir Edward Brian Pepperall 1.10.18
Sir Edward Henry Murray 1.10.18
Dame Judith Sarah Farbey
(President of the Upper Tribunal Administrative Appeals Chamber)
Sir Clive Freedman 22.10.18
Dame Justine Thornton 25.02.19
Dame Jennifer Eady 1.10.19
Sir John Patrick Cavanagh 1.10.19
Dame Alison Lee Caroline Foster 1.10.19
Sir Martin Alexander Griffiths 1.10.19
Sir Pushpinder Singh Saini 1.10.19
Sir Jeremy Charles Johnson 1.10.19
Sir Martin Daniel Chamberlain 1.10.19
Dame Karen Margaret Steyn 1.10.19
Sir Nicholas Richard Maybury Hilliard 18.11.19
Sir Andrew Raywood Henshaw 02.12.19
Dame Amanda Jane Tipples 02.12.19
Sir Michael John Fordham 13.01.20
Sir David Andrew Foxton 13.01.20
Sir Thomas Dominic Linden 13.01.20
Sir Mark Wall 01.10.20
Dame Mary Stacey 01.10.20
Sir Neil Calver 01.10.20
Sir Charles Bourne 01.10.20
Dame Rowena Collins Rice 01.10.20
Dame Naomi Ellenbogen 02.11.20

High Court Family Division

Name Date of Appt.
Sir Edward James Holman
Sir Nicholas Anthony Joseph Ghislain Mostyn
Dame Lucy Morgan Theis
Sir Philip Drury Moor
Sir Stephen William Scott Cobb
Sir Michael Joseph Keehan
Sir Anthony Paul Hayden
Dame Alison Hunter Russell
Sir Roderick Brian Newton
Dame Jennifer Mary Roberts
Sir Alistair William Orchard MacDonald
Sir Peter Nicholas Francis
Dame Gwynneth Frances Knowles
Sir Jonathan Lionel Cohen
Sir David Basil Williams
Dame Natalie Marie Daniella Lieven
Dame Frances Judd
Sir Nigel Poole 01.10.20
Sir Robert Peel 01.10.20
Dame Emma Arbuthnot 01.02.21

Senior Presiding Judge

Lady Justice Thirlwall DBE Date of Expiry: 30.09.21

Deputy Senior Presiding Judge

Lord Justice Haddon-Cave Date of Expiry: 30.09.21

Presiding Judges

Circuit Presiding Judges Date of Expiry
South Eastern Mrs Justice Whipple
Mrs Justice Cheema-Grubb
Mr Justice Bryan
Mr Justice Cavanagh
Midland Mr Justice Jeremy Baker
Mr Justice Pepperall
North Eastern Mr Justice Lavender
Mrs Justice Lambert
Northern Mr Justice Dove
Mrs Justice Yip
Wales Mr Justice Picken
Mrs Justice Jefford
Western Mr Justice Garnham
Mrs Justice Cutts

Family Division Liaison Judges

Circuit Family Division Liaison Judges
South Eastern (1) Mr Justice David Williams
(Kent, Surrey, Sussex  & Thames Valley)
South Eastern (2) Mr Justice Newton
(Beds, Herts, Cambs, Norfolk, Suffolk & Essex, etc)
London Mr Justice Keehan
Western Mrs Justice Roberts DBE
North Eastern Mr Justice Cobb
Northern Mr Justice MacDonald
Midland Mrs Justice Lieven
Wales Mr Justice Francis

Business and Property Courts (B&PC) Supervising Judges

Circuit Chancery Supervising Judges
South Eastern Chancellor of the High Court
Midland Mr Justice Marcus Smith
North Eastern Mr Justice Fancourt
(Vice-Chancellor of the County Palatine of Lancaster)
Northern Mr Justice Fancourt
(Vice-Chancellor of the County Palatine of Lancaster)
Wales Mr Justice Marcus Smith
Western Mr Justice Marcus Smith

QB Liaison Judges (Administrative Court)

Circuit QB Liaison Judges (Administrative Court)
Western, Wales, Midland Mrs Justice Steyn (main judicial point of contact)
Northern Mr Justice Julian Knowles (main judicial point of contact)
North Eastern Mr Justice Julian Knowles (main judicial point of contact)

Election Rota Judges

Name Date of Expiry
Mr Justice Garnham 31.12.21
Mrs Justice Cheema-Grubb DBE 31.12.21
Mr Justice Soole 31.12.21
Mrs Justice May 31.12.21

Nominated judges of the Commercial Court and of the Admiralty Court:

Mrs Justice Cockerill (opens in a new tab) (Judge in Charge)
Mr Justice Andrew Baker (Admiralty Judge)
Mr Justice Bryan (opens in a new tab)
Mr Justice Butcher (opens in a new tab)
Mr Justice Neil Calver
Mr Justice Foxton
Mr Justice Henshaw
Mr Justice Jacobs (opens in a new tab)
Mr Justice Robin Knowles (opens in a new tab)
Mrs Justice Moulder DBE (opens in a new tab)
Mr Justice Picken (opens in a new tab)
Mr Justice Waksman (opens in a new tab)

Nominated judges of the Patents Court:

Mr Justice Meade (Judge in Charge)
Mr Justice Timothy Fancourt
Sir Julian Flaux, Chancellor of the High Court (opens in a new tab)
Mr Justice Mann (opens in a new tab)
Mr Justice Morgan (opens in a new tab)
Mr Justice Norris
Mr Justice Nugee (opens in a new tab)
Mr Justice Roth (opens in a new tab)

Judges nominated to hear cases in the Technology and Construction Court:

Mrs Justice O’Farrell (opens in a new tab) (Judge in Charge)
Mrs Justice Jefford
Mr Justice Fraser (opens in a new tab)
Mr Justice Choudhury
Mrs Justice Cockerill (opens in a new tab)
Mr Justice Waksman (opens in a new tab)
Mr Justice Pepperall
Mr Justice Stuart-Smith (opens in a new tab)

Nominated judges of the Financial List are as follows:

From the Commercial Court:

The Judge in Charge of the Commercial Court:  Mrs Justice Cockerill (opens in a new tab)

Mr Justice Andrew Baker
Mr Justice Bryan (opens in a new tab)
Mr Justice Butcher (opens in a new tab)
Mr Justice Robin Knowles (opens in a new tab)

From the Chancery Division:

Mr Justice Birss (opens in a new tab)
Sir Julian Flaux, Chancellor of the High Court (opens in a new tab)
Mr Justice Hildyard (opens in a new tab)
Mr Justice Mann (opens in a new tab)
Mr Justice Nugee (opens in a new tab)
Mr Justice Marcus Smith (opens in a new tab)
Mr Justice Snowden (opens in a new tab)
Mr Justice Zacaroli (opens in a new tab)

Other posts held by Senior Members of the Judiciary

Post held Name
Chairman of the Sentencing Council Lord Justice Holroyde
Chairman of the Law Commission Lord Justice Green
Chairman of the Judicial College Lady Justice King
President of the Investigatory Powers Tribunal Lord Justice Singh
Judge in charge of the Queen’s Bench Civil List Mr Justice Stewart
Judge in charge of the Commercial Court Mrs Justice Cockerill
The Admiralty Judge Mr Justice Andrew Baker
Judge in charge of the Administrative Court Mr Justice Swift
President of the Employment Appeal Tribunal Mr Justice Choudhury
President of the Competition Appeal Tribunal Mr Justice Roth
President of the Tax and Chancery Chamber of the Upper Tribunal Mr Justice Zacaroli
President of the Immigration and Asylum Chamber of the Upper Tribunal Mr Justice Lane
President of the Upper Tribunal Administrative Appeals Chamber Mrs Justice Farbey
President of the Upper Lands Chamber Mr Justice Fancourt
Judge in charge of Intellectual Property Mr Justice Meade
Judge in charge of the Media & Communications List Mr Justice Nicklin
Vice-Chair of the Judicial Appointments Commission Lady Justice Carr

Retired Senior Judiciary under 75

 Name Date of Birth Career History
Sir Mark Hedley 23.8.46 CJ 19.3.92
HC FD 15.1.02
Ret. 10.01.13
Dame Linda Penelope Dobbs 3.01.51 HC QBD 1.10.04
Ret. 19.4.13
Sir Nicholas Stadlen 3.5.50 HC QBD 2.10.07
Ret. 21.4.13
Sir David Roderick Evans 22.10.46 (CJ 30.11.92)
HC QBD 23.04.01
Ret. 30.4.13
Sir Timothy Lloyd 30.11.46 HC CD 1.10.96
CoA 6.4.05Ret.30.9.13
Sir Paul James Duke Coleridge 30.05.49 HC FD 28.9.00
Sir Alan George Moses 29.11.45 HC QBD 13.6.96
CoA 3.10.05
Ret. 20.06.14
Sir Richard Alan Field 17.4.47 HCJ QBD 15.1.02
Ret. 31.8.14
Sir Vivian Arthur Ramsey 24.5.50 HC QB 1.11.05
Ret. 1.11.14
Sir Henry Bernard Eder 16.10.52 HC QBD 11.1.11
Ret. 01.04.15
Dame Caroline Jane Swift 30.5.55 HC QBD 3.10.05
Ret. 31.7.15
Sir Jeremy Mirth Sullivan 17.9.45 HC QBD 1.10.97
CoA 12.1.09
SPT 25.6.12
Ret. 17.9.15
Sir Richard John Pearson Aikens 28.8.48 HC QBD 6.5.99
CoA 19.11.08
Ret. 1.11.15
Sir Kenneth Blades Parker 20.11.45 HC QBD 2.10.09
Ret. 20.11.15
Sir Robert Akenhead 15.9.49 HC QBD 2.10.07
Ret. 1.12.15
Sir Stephen Price Richards 8.12.50 HC QBD 1.12.97
CoA 3.10.05
Ret. 16.02.16
Dame Mary Claire Hogg 15.1.47 HC FD 2.10.95
Ret. 12.04.16
Sir Jeremy Lionel Cooke 28.4.49 HC QBD 2.10.01
Ret: 9.05.16
Sir John Henry Boulton Saunders 15.3.49 CJ 26.2.04
HC QBD 19.04.07
Ret: 1.10.16
Sir Roderic Lionel James Wood 8.3.51 CJ 12.2.02
HC FD 12.1.04
Ret: 4.10.16
Sir Andrew Charles Smith 31.12.47 HC QBD 19.7.00
Ret: 26.10.16
Sir Antony James Cobham Edwards-Stuart 2.11.46 HC QBD 2.10.09
Ret: 2.11.16
Dame Laura Mary Cox 8.11.51 HC QBD 4.11.02
Ret: 11.11.16
Sir Michael John Burton 12.11.46 HC QBD 23.11.98
Ret: 12.11.16
Sir Martin James Moore-Bick 6.12.46 HC QBD 2.10.95
CoA 07.04.05
Ret: 6.12.16
Sir Stephen Miles Tomlinson 29.3.52 HC QBD 2.5.00
CoA 9.7.10
Ret: 10.01.17
Sir Alan Fraser Wilkie 26.12.47 (CJ 9.4.97)
Ret: 30.01.17
Sir Wyn Lewis Williams 31.3.51 11.01.07
(CJ 1.4.04)
Ret: 9.2.17
Sir Christopher Simon Courtenay Stephenson Clarke 14.03.47 HC QBD 11.01.05
CoA 02.10.13
Ret: 14.03.17
Sir Ross Frederick Cranston 23.7.48 HC QBD 26.11.07
Ret: 16.03.17
Sir Patrick Elias 28.3.47 HC QBD 4.5.99
CoA 3.2.09
Ret: 28.03.17
Dame Anna Evelyn Hamilton Pauffley 13.1.56 HC FD 1.10.03
Ret: 30.09.17
Sir Nicholas John Gorrod Blake 21.6.49 HC QBD 16.11.07
Ret: 02.10.17
Sir John Edward Mitting 8.10.47 HC QBD 3.04.01
Sir David Roderick Lessiter Bodey 14.10.47 HC FD 12.1.99
Ret: 14.10.17
Sir Henry Brian Globe 18.06.49 CJ 4.3.03
HC QBD 03.10.11
Ret: 3.11.2017
Sir William James Lynton Blair 31.3.50 HC QBD
Ret: 30.11.2017
Sir Charles Peter Lawford Openshaw 21.12.47 SCJ 16.3.99
HC QBD 3.10.05
Ret: 21.12.17
Sir Nicholas Roger Warren 20.05.49 HC CD 18.04.05
Ret: 11.1.18
Sir Jack Beatson 3.11.48 HC QBD 29.04.03
CoA 11.1.13
Ret: 04.02.18
Sir Arthur William Hessin Charles 25.3.48 HC FD 12.1.98
HC QB 11.1.2014
Ret: 16.02.18
Sir Rupert Matthew Jackson 7.3.48 HC QBD 12.1.99
CoA 2.10.08
Ret: 07.03.18
Sir Brian Frederick James Langstaff 30.4.48 HC QBD 3.10.05
Ret: 30.04.2018
Dame Elizabeth Gloster 5.6.49 HC QBD 21.04.04
COA 9.4.13
Ret: 31.05.18
Sir Colman Maurice Treacy 28.7.49 HC QBD 1.10.02
COA 01.10.12
Ret: 08.10.18
Sir David Robert Foskett 19.3.49 HC QBD 02.10.07 Ret: 27.02.19
Sir Timothy Roger Alan King 5.4.49 HC QBD 29.01.07
Ret: 06.04.19
Dame Elizabeth Ann Slade 12.5.49 HS QBD 09.10.08
Ret: 13.05.19
Sir Duncan Brian Walter Ouseley 24.2.50 HC QBD 2.11.00 Ret: 17.05.19
Dame Judith Mary Frances Parker 19.6.50 HC FD 13.06.08
Ret: 1.07.19
Sir Gerald Edward Barling 18.9.49 HC CD 5.11.07
Ret: 18.9.19
Sir Paul James Walker 28.9.54 HC QBD 15.11.04
Ret: 28.919
Sir Peter Henry Gross 13.2.52 HC QBD 1.10.01
CoA: 9.7.10
Ret: 18.10.19
Lady Heather Carol Hallett DBE 16.12.49 HC QBD 14.4.99
CoA: 3.10.05
Ret: 20.10.19
Sir Alastair Hubert Norris 17.12.50 CJ 3.10.01
HC CD 1.10.07
Ret 31.10.19
Sir Michael Alan Supperstone 30.03.50 HC QBD 14.07.10
Ret: 30.03.20
Sir Peregrine Charles Hugo Simon 20.06.50 HC QBD 1.10.02
COA 1.10.15
Ret 20.06.20
Dame Anne Judith Rafferty 26.07.50 HC QBD – 19.02.00
CoA – 05.07.11
Ret. – 26.07.20
Sir Nicholas John Patten 07.08.50 HC CD 02.10.00
COA 04.06.09
Ret 07.08.20
Sir Nigel Teare 08.01.52 HC QBD 02.10.06
Ret 01.10.20