War Pensions and Armed Forces Compensation Chamber

The Chamber deals with appeals by current and former servicemen or women in England and Wales against decisions by Veterans UK in relation to pensions, compensation and other matters.

Social Entitlement Chamber

The Social Entitlement Chamber is home to 3 different tribunals: Asylum Support, Criminal Injuries Compensation, and Social Security and Child Support

Health, Education and Social Care Chamber

The Chamber hears appeals against decisions made by Local Authorities in relation to children’s Education, Health and Care. It also hears disability discrimination appeals against schools, and appeals relating to care standards and primary health lists. Further, a large and constituent part of HESC’s work relates to Mental Health and applications and referrals for detained patients.

General Regulatory Chamber

The Chamber hears appeals against decisions made by government regulatory bodies including cases relating to charities, estate agents, exam boards, food safety, welfare of animals and individual electoral registration.

Tax Chamber

The Chamber handles appeals against some decisions made by HMRC relating to income tax, PAYE tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax, national insurance contributions, statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay, inheritance tax, VAT, excise duty and customs duty.

Immigration and Asylum Chamber

The Chamber handles appeals for some decisions made by the Home Office relating to permission to stay, deportation from and entry clearance to the United Kingdom.

Property Chamber

The Chamber that deals with applications, appeals and references relating to disputes over property and land.