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Information about the individual chambers that make up the tribunals. The Upper Tribunal also decides some judicial review applications.

About Tribunals

Find out more about the role of the Senior President of Tribunals, tribunal judges and members and an overview of how the tribunals work.

Upper Tribunal

The Upper Tribunal hears appeals from the First-tier Tribunal and decides some judicial review cases.

First-tier Tribunal

The First-tier Tribunal deals with disputes in a number of diverse areas of the law including tax, immigration and asylum and health, education and social care.

Employment Appeal Tribunal

The Employment Appeal Tribunal is the tribunal responsible for hearing appeals from the Employment Tribunal.

Employment Tribunals

The Employment Tribunals are the judicial bodies responsible for workplace justice in Great Britain, being the main forum for deciding disputes between workers and employers.

Tribunal Judges and members

List of members of the tribunals judiciary.