The justice system

Find out how the justice system is structured and organised today.

The Three Is: Independence, Impartiality and Integrity

Find out about the three key values which are central to the role of judicial office holders in England and Wales.

How the law works

Find information on the rule of law, how sentences are decided, Judicial Review, and the appeals process.

Structure of the Courts & Tribunals

Get an overview of how different types of cases are dealt with.


Find out how the different types of cases are dealt with, and which judges deal with them.

The legal year, term dates and sitting days

Find out more about the structure of the legal year.

Judicial accountability and independence

The importance of judicial independence and the impact on accountability.

How the judiciary is governed

Find out how the judiciary of England and Wales is managed.

Constitutional reform

Find out how judicial independence is enshrined in law.


Find out why judges make oaths/affirmations when they are sworn in.

UK Supreme Court

The creation of a new Supreme Court means that the most senior judges are now entirely separate from the Parliamentary process.