Read the biographies of the Lady Chief Justice, Heads of Division and Members of the Judicial Executive Board.


Date of appointment
Lord Justice Lewison03-10-11
HC CD 29-04-03
Lord Justice Underhill
(Vice-President of the Court of Appeal Civil Division)
HC QBD 20-01-06
Lady Justice Macur DBE31-07-13
HC FD 03-10-05
Lord Justice Bean01-10-14
HC QBD 19-07-04
Lady Justice King DBE 01-10-14
HC FD 04-04-08
Sir Keith John Lindblom
(Senior President of Tribunals)
HC QBD 04-10-10
Lady Justice Thirlwall DBE01-02-17
HC QBD 13-04-10
Lord Justice Moylan29-03-17
HC FD 23-02-07
Lord Justice Holroyde
(Vice-President of the Court of Appeal Criminal Division)
HC QBD 13-01-09
Lord Justice Peter Jackson02-10-17
HC FD 01-10-10
Lord Justice Newey02-10-17
HC CD 12-01-10
Lord Justice Singh
(President of the Investigatory Powers Tribunal)
HC QBD 03-10-11
Lady Justice Asplin DBE02-10-17
HC CD 01-10-12
Lord Justice Coulson08-03-18
HC QBD 14-01-08
CJ 29-06-04
Lord Justice Baker01-10-18
HC FD 02-11-09
Lord Justice Green
HC QBD 01-10-13
Lord Justice Haddon-Cave03-10-18
HC QBD 31-10-11
Lady Justice Nicola Davies DBE08-10-18
HC QBD 22-01-10
Lord Justice Males14-01-19
HC QBD 01-10-12
Lord Justice Arnold01-10-19
HC CD 01-10-08
Lord Justice Popplewell19-10-19
HC QBD 03-10-11
Lord Justice Dingemans21-10-19
HC QBD 10-06-13
Lord Justice Stephen Phillips13-01-20
HC QBD 01-10-13
Lord Justice Stuart-Smith01-10-20
HC QBD 02-10-12
Lord Justice Lewis01-10-20
HC QBD 13-06-13
Lady Justice Andrews DBE01-10-20
HC QBD 01-10-13
Lord Justice Nugee01-10-20
HC CD 01-10-13
Lady Justice Elisabeth Laing DBE28-10-20
HC QBD 29-04-14
Lord Justice Birss
(Deputy Head of Civil Justice)
HC CD 13-05-13
SCJ 05-10-10
Lord Justice Edis
(Senior Presiding Judge)
HC QBD 1-10-14
Lord Justice Warby
(Judicial Commissioner of the Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC))
HC QBD 10-06-14
Lord Justice William Davis
(Chair of the Sentencing Council)
HC QBD 01-05-14
Lord Justice Snowden01-10-21
HC CD 30-04-15
Lady Justice Whipple DBE 15-11-21
HC QBD 01-10-15
Lady Justice Falk DBE14-11-2022
HC CD 01-10-18
Lord Justice Fraser
(Chairman of the Law Commission of England and Wales)
HC KBD 01-10-15