JudgeAppointment date
Mrs Justice Lang DBE03-10-11
Mr Justice Turner28-01-13
Mr Justice Jeremy Baker25-03-13
Mr Justice Jay04-06-13
Mr Justice Goss01-10-14
Mrs Justice McGowan DBE01-10-14
Mr Justice Robin Knowles01-10-14
Mr Justice Dove
(President of the Upper Tribunal Immigration and Asylum Chamber)
Mr Justice Holgate
(Planning Liaison Judge)
Mr Justice Kerr04-06-15
Mr Justice Picken08-06-15
Mr Justice Fraser01-10-15
Mr Justice Garnham05-11-15
Mrs Justice Cheema-Grubb DBE25-11-15
Mr Justice Soole
(Judge in Charge of the King’s Bench Civil List)
Mrs Justice May DBE03-12-15
Mr Justice Morris03-10-16
Mrs Justice Jefford DBE03-10-16
Mr Justice Lavender03-10-16
Mrs Justice O’Farrell DBE03-10-16
Mr Justice Andrew Baker
(Judge in Charge of the Admiralty Court)
Mr Justice Goose02-10-17
Mr Justice Bryan02-10-17
Mr Justice Martin Spencer02-10-17
Mr Justice Julian Knowles02-10-17
Mrs Justice Yip DBE02-10-17
Mr Justice Nicklin
(Judge in Charge of the Media and Communications List)
Mr Justice Choudhury02-10-17
Mrs Justice Cockerill DBE01-11-17
Mrs Justice Lambert DBE11-01-18
Mr Justice Butcher05-03-18
Mr Justice Jacobs25-06-18
Mr Justice Waksman
(Judge in Charge of the Technology and Construction Court)
Mrs Justice Cutts DBE01-10-18
Mr Justice Swift
(Judge in Charge of the Administrative Court)
Mr Justice Pepperall01-10-18
Mr Justice Murray01-10-18
Mrs Justice Farbey DBE01-10-18
Mr Justice Freedman22-10-18
Mrs Justice Thornton DBE25-02-19
Mrs Justice Eady DBE
(President of the Employment Appeal Tribunal)
Mr Justice Cavanagh01-10-19
Mrs Justice Foster DBE01-10-19
Mr Justice Griffiths01-10-19
Mr Justice Saini01-10-19
Mr Justice Johnson01-10-19
Mr Justice Chamberlain01-10-19
Mrs Justice Steyn DBE
(Judge Jointly in Charge of the Media and Communications List)
Mr Justice Hilliard18-11-19
Mr Justice Henshaw02-12-19
Mrs Justice Tipples DBE02-12-19
Mr Justice Fordham13-01-20
Mr Justice Foxton
(Judge in Charge of the Commercial Court)
Mr Justice Linden13-01-20
Mr Justice Wall01-10-20
Mrs Justice Stacey DBE01-10-20
Mr Justice Calver01-10-20
Mr Justice Bourne01-10-20
Mrs Justice Collins Rice DBE
(Judge Jointly in Charge of the Media and Communications List)
Mrs Justice Ellenbogen DBE02-11-20
Mr Justice Cotter01-10-21
Mr Justice Eyre01-10-21
Mrs Justice Heather Williams DBE
(President of the Upper Tribunal Administrative Appeals Chamber)
Mr Justice Ritchie01-10-21
Mr Justice Bennathan11-01-22
Mrs Justice Hill DBE11-01-22
Mr Justice Sweeting11-01-22
Mr Justice Bright11-01-23
Mr Justice Constable13-03-23
Mrs Justice Dias DBE20-03-23
Mr Justice Sheldon01-02-24
Mr Justice Mould01-02-24