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Leadership Judges

From 1 October 2018 leadership appointments will be published on the Courts and Tribunals Judiciary website and this page will be updated accordingly.

NB: This page is under construction and more names will be added shortly.

Last updated: 19 April 2022

Resident Judges

Name Court Date of Appt.
HHJ James Adkin Durham Crown Court 01/11/2019
HHJ Altham Preston Crown Court 27/07/2020
HHJ Nicholas Barker Carlisle Combined Court 08/02/2022
HHJ Peter Anthony Stanfield Barrie Shrewsbury Crown Court 30/03/2014
HHJ Mark Bishop Cambridge & Peterborough 07/03/2022
HHJ Peter Michael Blair QC Bristol Crown Court 09/01/2017
HHJ James Michael Burbidge QC Worcester Combined Court Centre 11/04/2020
HHJ Simon Andrew Carr Truro Combined Court – Crown 21/12/2016
HHJ Michael Laurence Chambers QC Wolverhampton Combined Court Centre 11/04/2020
HHJ Paul Cook Taunton Crown Court 01/05/2020
HHJ Nicholas Arthur Dean QC Manchester Crown Court 06/07/2020
HHJ Rosa Mary Dean Harrow Crown Court 14/04/2017
HHJ Gregory David Mark Dickinson QC Nottingham Crown Court 08/08/2016
HHJ Marc David Dight CBE Central London County Court 19/05/2014
HHJ Steven Everett Chester Crown Court 17/11/2018
HHJ Martin James Simpson Edmunds QC Isleworth Crown Court 06/02/2017
HHJ David Anthony Farrell QC Peterborough Crown Court 28/11/2015
HHJ Brian Clive Forster QC Bournemouth Combined Court- Crown 05/03/2018
HHJ Robert William Fraser MVO Guildford Crown Court 09/07/2016
HHJ Paul Anthony Glenn Stoke on Trent Combined Court – Crown 31/01/2008
HHJ Julian Smith Maidstone Combined Court Centre 26/05/2022
HHJ Sally Hancox Stoke on Trent Combined Court 01/03/2022
HHJ Simon Hirst Lincoln Crown Court 21/07/2022
HHJ (Robert Charles) Stephen Holt Norwich Combined Court Centre 17/04/2013
HHJ Melbourne Donald Inman QC Birmingham Crown Court 13/10/2014
HHJ Simon James Canterbury Combined Court Centre 25/1/2019
HHJ Peter Johnson Exeter Combined Court Centre 31/10/2018
HHJ Usha Karu Inner London Crown Court 12/01/2017
HHJ Michael Jack David Kay QC St Albans Crown Court 24/07/2018
HHJ Guy Alexander Kearl QC Leeds Combined Court – Crown 04/06/2018
HHJ Christopher Anthony Kinch QC Woolwich Crown Court 01/10/2013
HHJ Christine Katherine Laing QC Lewes Combined Court Centre 23/04/2018
HHJ Ian Douglas Lawrie QC Gloucester Crown Court 18/03/2018
HHJ Samantha Leigh Basildon Combined Court Centre 03/12/2019
HHJ Martyn Neale Levett Ipswich Crown Court 16/11/2017
HHJ Andrew William Jardine Lockhart QC Warwick Combined Court – Crown 01/07/2017
HHJ Peter Norman Lodder QC Kingston Upon Thames Crown Court 20/01/2015
HHJ Noel John Mac Lucas QC Wood Green Crown Court 30/11/2015
HHJ Adrienne Lucking QC Northampton Combined Court Centre 14/11/2019
HHJ Richard Mansell QC Bradford Civil Justice Centre 17/08/2020
HHJ Andrew Menary QC Liverpool Combined Court Centre 09/04/2019
HHJ Kristina Montgomery QC Stafford Combined Court Centre 11/04/2020
HHJ Chris Morgan Chelmsford Crown Court 03/07/2020
HHJ Sean Morris York Crown Court 17/06/2019
HHJ Bill Mousley QC Bournemouth Combined Court 03/05/2022
HHJ Timothy Mousley QC Portsmouth Combined Court Centre 01/06/2019
HHJ Heather Sophia Norton Reading Crown Court 03/12/2018
HHJ Christopher James Francis Parker QC Southampton Combined Court – Crown 18/07/2017
HHJ John Peter Julian Pini QC Lincoln Crown Court 21/07/2014
HHJ (Roderick) John Conwy Potter Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court 10/11/2014
HHJ Ian Derek Pringle QC Oxford Combined Court Centre 05/10/2014
HHJ Jeremy William Richardson QC Sheffield Combined Court – Crown 14/05/2018
HHJ Alice Robinson Croydon Crown Court 12/11/2017
HHJ Rhys Price Rowlands Mold Law Courts – Crown 02/06/2014
HHJ Nirmal Kanta Shant QC Derby Combined Court – Crown 01/09/2016
HHJ Francis Anthony Sheridan Aylesbury Crown Court 01/04/2014
HHJ Paul Kay Sloan QC Newcastle Combined Court – Crown 13/10/2014
HHJ Timothy Spencer QC Leicester Crown Court 27/07/2020
HHJ Deborah Frances Taylor Southwark Crown Court 10/04/2017
HHJ John Thackray QC Humberside 20/02/2020
HHJ Paul Thomas QC Swansea Crown Court 01/04/2019
HHJ James Townsend Resident Judge at Swindon Combined Court 03/05/2022
HHJ Tracey Lloyd-Clarke Cardiff Crown Court
HHJ Martin Walsh Bolton Combined Court Centre 01/12/2018
HHJ Paul Watson QC Teeside Combined Court Centre 03/02/2020

Designated Civil Judges

Area Name Date of Appt.
Avon, Somerset & Gloucestershire Alex Ralton  Acting DCJ
Birmingham Emma Kelly 18/01/2021
Cheshire and Merseyside Graham Wood QC 14/03/2014
Cleveland and South Durham (Teeside) Mark Gargan 01/03/2016
Devon and Cornwall Paul Mitchell 26/08/2021
Dorset, Hampshire, Isle of Wight & Wiltshire Phillip Glen 10/01/2022
East Anglia Karen Walden-Smith 07/08/2013
Greater London Jan Luba QC 01/08/2019
Greater Manchester Nigel Bird 18/01/2018
Hereford and Worcester James Tindal 27/12/2019
Humberside Sarah Richardson 02/12/2020
Kent, Surrey & Sussex Jonathan Simpkiss 04/01/2010
Lancashire and Cumbria Jacqueline Beech 13/06/2021
London County Courts Group Marc Dight 15/11/2007
North and West Yorkshire Mark Gosnell 05/10/2010
Northampton and Leicester Richard Hedley 01/02/2019
Northumbria and North Durham Jeremy Freedman 21/04/2018
Nottingham, Derby and Lincoln HHJ Polly Coe QC 23/04/2022
Oxford, Thames Valley, Herts & Beds Melissa Clarke 10/02/2017
South Yorkshire Graham Robinson 01/01/2019
Staffordshire and Shropshire Jonathan Salmon 16/03/2021
Wales Robert Harrison 03/01/2017
West Midlands & Warwickshire Abbas Mithani QC 01/08/2019

Designated Family Judges

Name Court Date of Appt.
HHJ Carol Lesley Atkinson London East 01/04/2014
HHJ Louise Bancroft Lancashire Acting
HHJ Robin Steven Bedford Sussex 01/07/201
HHJ Bryony Clark Lincolnshire 18/03/2019
HHJ Martin Alan Gordon Dancey Dorset 26/02/2018
HHJ Lindsay Jane Davies Cambridgeshire 28/10/2016
HHJ Sally Dowding Wolverhampton & Telford 25/06/2019
HHJ Jane George Leicester 03/12/2018
HHJ Michael Francis Handley Northampton Combined Court – County 01/12/2016
HHJ Philip Harris-Jenkins Swansea 08/04/2019
HHJ Sonia Harris-Short Stoke-on-Trent 02/01/2019
HHJ Edward John Watkin Hess Swindon 19/03/2018
HHJ Marianna Catherine Thoroton Hildyard QC Bedfordshire 01/08/2016
HHJ Nancy Rose Hillier Leeds 12/04/2013
HHJ Rachel Sophia Margaret Hudson Newcastle 02/10/2014
HHJ Elizabeth Claire Ingham Taunton 01/04/2018
HHJ Andrew David Levey Hampshire 01/08/2012
HHJ Gaynor Lloyd North Wales 09/10/2019
HHJ Gillian Matthews QC Teesside 14/05/2015
HHJ Kambiz Moradifar Berkshire & Oxon 22/07/2020
HHJ Steven Parker Cheshire & Merseyside 01/09/2020
HHJ Isabel Clare Parry Cardiff 02/10/2012
HHJ Nassera Patel Leicester 20/04/2022
HHJ Jessica Pemberton South Yorkshire 01/04/2020
HHJ Patrick Perusko Buckinghamshire 22/07/2020
HHJ (Andrew) Christopher Plunkett Worcestershire & Herefordshire 28/05/2016
HHJ Alison Raeside Surrey 01/01/2019
HHJ Lynn Deborah Roberts Suffolk & Essex 24/07/2014
HHJ Miranda Louise Robertshaw Devon 09/09/2014
HHJ Mark Nicholas Rogers Nottingham 18/03/2017
HHJ Judith May Rowe QC London West 01/04/2014
HHJ Richard John Scarratt Kent 01/09/2014
HHJ Fiona Shanks Norfolk 01/07/2019
HHJ Chris Simmonds Dorset 22/03/2022
HHJ Sarah Louise Singleton QC Manchester 06/01/2020
HHJ Sybil Milwyn Thomas Birmingham 15/09/2014
HHJ Robin Stewart Tolson QC London (Principal Registry) 09/10/2015
HHJ Jill Troy North Yorkshire 20/11/2019
HHJ David Paul Frank Vavrecka Hertfordshire 18/08/2017
HHJ Nicholas Denis Vincent Truro 19/12/2001
HHJ Elizabeth Walker Coventry & Warwickshire 13/08/2020
HHJ Jonathan Whybrow Humberside & North Lincolnshire 20/11/2019
HHJ Stephen Roger Wildblood QC Bristol 09/04/2013
HHJ Sue Williscroft Derby 01/03/2019