Judicial Executive Board


The Lord/Lady Chief Justice exercises executive and leadership responsibilities through, and with the support of, the Judicial Executive Board (JEB).

The Lord/Lady Chief Justice chairs JEB, which meets informally each week and has a full meeting monthly during term time.


The following are members of the JEB:

  • Lady Chief Justice (Dame Sue Carr)
  • Master of the Rolls (Sir Geoffrey Vos)
  • President of the King’s Bench Division (Dame Victoria Sharp)
  • President of the Family Division (Sir Andrew McFarlane)
  • Chancellor of the High Court (Sir Julian Flaux)
  • Senior President of Tribunals (Sir Keith Lindblom)
  • Senior Presiding Judge (Sir Andrew Edis)
  • Chair of the Board of the Judicial College (Dame Eleanor King)
  • Lead Judge for Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Development and Wellbeing (Lady Justice Whipple)
  • Chief Executive Judicial Office (Andrew Key)