Judicial Executive Board


The Lady Chief Justice exercises executive and leadership responsibilities through, and with the support of, the Judicial Executive Board (JEB).

The Lady Chief Justice chairs JEB, which meets informally each week and has a full meeting monthly during term time.


The following are members of the JEB:

  • Lady Chief Justice (Baroness Carr of Walton-on-the-Hill)
  • Master of the Rolls (Sir Geoffrey Vos)
  • President of the King’s Bench Division (Dame Victoria Sharp)
  • President of the Family Division (Sir Andrew McFarlane)
  • Chancellor of the High Court (Sir Julian Flaux)
  • Senior President of Tribunals (Sir Keith Lindblom)
  • Senior Presiding Judge (Sir Andrew Edis)
  • Deputy Senior Presiding Judge (Lord Justice Green)
  • Chair of the Board of the Judicial College (Dame Eleanor King)
  • Lead Judge for Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership Development and Wellbeing (Lady Justice Whipple)
  • Deputy Head of Civil Justice (Lord Justice Birss)
  • Chief Executive Judicial Office (Michelle Crotty)