Chief Coroner shares the report from the first ever Coroner Attitude Survey and explains how it has shaped his work

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The Chief Coroner, His Honour Judge Thomas Teague KC, is nearing the end of his tour around all 83 coroner areas in England and Wales.

He started the tour shortly after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, with the aim of supporting the welfare of coroners and staff in the wake of the pandemic. The tour has taken just over a year to complete, with the final visits scheduled for later this month (March 2023).

The visits have given the Chief Coroner a unique insight into the local provision made for the coroner service around the country and have afforded him the opportunity to discuss with coroners, staff, local authorities and police forces, many of the issues raised in the Coroner Attitude Survey (published below).

The Survey was carried out for the Chief Coroner by the Judicial Institute at University College London and was completed by 89% of coroners. The report was in some respects overtaken by the rapid rate of change during the pandemic, but it still provides a valuable insight into matters that were of interest and concern to coroners in May/June 2020.

The Chief Coroner said: “I’d like to express my gratitude to coroners for taking the time to complete the survey and for accommodating my tour visits, which have helped to inform my decision-making on matters affecting both individual coroner areas and the wider coronial system.”