Considering a career in the Judiciary?

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On 18 January 2023, judges from the South Eastern Circuit hosted a Judicial Diversity and Inclusion webinar for legal practitioners.

The session provided attendees with an insight into the judicial system and encouraged a wide range of qualified legal professionals from different backgrounds to consider a career in the judiciary.

A diverse panel of judges from the courts and tribunals shared their personal journeys and experiences with the judiciary. There was also an opportunity to hear from a member of the Judicial Appointments Commission.

Find out more from judges on the South Eastern circuit in the video below.

Support initiatives

Judicial Application Seminars are run by judges to provide up to date guidance and advice on the selection process for judicial roles. 

Judicial Work Shadowing Scheme gives legal practitioners an insight into the work of judges, both in and out of court.

Pre-Application Judicial Education (PAJE) programme provides participants with a series of short engaging online videos and podcasts to learn about the role and skills required of judges.

Judicial Mentoring scheme provides a safe environment for lawyers to share issues inhibiting their application to the judicial office and receive confidential advice, support and guidance from a mentor judge.

Targeted Outreach programme is designed to provide short-term support and advice about the candidate’s intended application and selection process for judicial appointment.