Contact the Chancery Division

The Chancery Division (together with the other Courts comprising the Business and Property Courts) is based at the Rolls Building, the largest specialist centre for financial, business and property litigation in the world:


The Rolls Building, 7 Rolls Buildings, Fetter Lane, London EC4A 1NL

Outside of the Rolls Building

General contact details

Chancery High Court Judges

For enquiries involving the Chancery High Court Judges, please contact the Senior Listing Officer in the Chancery Division Listing Office at or call 020 7947 6690.

Chancery Masters

For enquiries involving the Chancery Masters, please contact the Chancery Masters Appointments at or call 020 7947 7391.

Chancery Issue Section

For enquiries involving the issue and amendment of Chancery proceedings, please contact the Issue Clerks on or call 020 7947 7783.

ICC Issue Section

For enquiries involving the issue of High Court Insolvency and Companies Court proceedings (including Creditors’ Bankruptcy Petitions, Applications to set aside Statutory Demands, Applications for certificates of discharge in Bankruptcy and issue of all Companies Petitions and Claims), contact the High Court Insolvency and Companies Court Issue Section on or call 020 7947 6294/6102.

ICC Judges/Proceedings

For all other enquiries including case specific enquiries regarding hearings in the Insolvency and Companies List please contact the Insolvency and Companies Hearings team on or call 020 7947 6731.

Consultation Rooms

For requests for consultation rooms at the Rolls Building, please contact 020 7947 6585.

First Aid or Security

For the First Aid and Security Office in the Rolls Building, please contact 020 7947 7000.

Judges and clerks

For communications relating to a specific case before a specific judge / Master, please contact the clerk to the judge / Master concerned. The contact details can be found below, and also in the Chancery Guide (PDF) at Appendix B.

High Court Judges and clerks

Chancellor of the High Court,
The Rt Hon Sir Julian Flaux
Mr Justice RothAva Tranter0207 9476396
Mr Justice HildyardNicolas Alongi0207 9476039
Mr Justice Marcus SmithWendy Simpson0207 9477767
Mr Justice ZacaroliGwilym Morris0207 9476775
Mr Justice FancourtHannah Wood020 7947 7624
Mrs Justice FalkSupriya Saleem0207 947 6397
Mr Justice TrowerJas Kahlon0207 9476339
Mr Justice MilesHannah Wood0207 9477624
Mr Justice MeadePauline Drewett07971 062200
Mr Justice Adam JohnsonCasey Ford0207 9476401
Mrs Justice BaconMimi Plastiras07935 702005
Mr Justice Michael GreenSupriya Saleem020 7947 6044
Mr Justice MellorSusan Woolley0207 9477964
Mrs Justice Joanna SmithCaroline Reid0207 9476419
Mr Justice Edwin JohnsonLewis Hill0207 0730304
Mr Justice Leech  Paul Byrne   0207 9476485

Chancery Masters’ Clerks

Chief Master ShumanDani Ince   0207 9477391
Master Clark Mohammed Choudhury0207 9477391
Master Kaye Jeremy Jules  0207 9477391
Master PesterAlison Gaby    0207 9477391

IPEC Supervising Judge

His Honour Judge HaconFrancine Kouassi0207 9476265