The Chancery Guide

The provisions of the CPR are supplemented by a publication called the Chancery Guide. The Chancery Guide applies in general to cases in the Chancery lists in all the B&PCs (including the B&PC District Registries). The Chancery Guide 2022 can be downloaded below.

By way of example, the Chancery Guide includes general information on:

• Commencement and Transfer: Chapter 3
• Case and Costs Management: Chapter 6
• Trial: Chapter 12
• General Applications: Chapter 14
• Urgent Applications: Chapter 15
• Orders: Chapter 16
• Appeals: Chapter 30
• Chancery Business outside London: Appendix C

All litigants, including litigants in person, are encouraged to consult the Chancery Guide carefully when involved in proceedings within the Chancery lists of the B&PCs.