Listings code

Family courts taking part in the Transparency Implementation Group reporting pilot will begin to trial the use of a listings code from Monday 24 July.

The code is intended to help journalists covering the family courts in the pilot areas decide which cases may be of interest. The code will accompany the case listing and provide basic detail including whether journalists can attend, whether journalists can report, and what the case involves.

Please note that cases are always subject to change so the initial categorisation may change. The code is indicative only, intended to help journalists report on the family courts. 


Cardiff Family Court – from Monday 24 July

Leeds Family Court – from Monday 31 July

Carlisle Family Court – August TBC


Case Issues/Allegations 
1 – Alleged neglect 
2 – Alleged physical harm 
3 – Alleged sexual harm 
4 – Alleged emotional harm 
5 – Alleged Domestic abuse 
6 – Alleged FGM
7 – Alleged trafficking
8 – Deprivation of Liberty/Secure Accommodation
9 – Contact issues/prolonged period of no contact
10 – Factitious or induced illness 
11 – Schooling
12 – Medical treatment
13 – Relocation (in jurisdiction) 
14 – Relocation (out of jurisdiction)
Case Category 
A Hearing that reporters are not entitled to attend 
B – Hearing that reporters are entitled to attend but is not within the pilot 
C – Reporting pilot case 

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