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About Magistrates’ courts

Details of the types of cases heard in Magistrates’ courts.

District Judge (Magistrates courts)

District Judges (Magistrates’ courts) hear criminal cases, youth cases, and some civil proceedings in Magistrates’ courts. They can also be authorised to hear cases in the Family Court.


Find out more about the role of a magistrate and what they do.

Opens in a new window. Becoming a Magistrate

Find out who is eligible to apply to become a magistrate, how to apply and more.

Magistrates’ Leadership Executive

The MLE supports the governance of Magistrates’ courts and represent the interests of the magistracy.

Bench Chairs

Each Bench has a ‘Chair’, elected by the members of the Bench to act as their leader, representative and spokesperson.

Lord Chancellor’s Directions for Advisory Committees on Justices of the Peace

Advisory Committees must follow these guidelines regarding recruitment and other matters.