Fee Paid Medical Member application seminar


The JAC are expected to launch a recruitment exercise for Fee Paid Medical Member in the First-Tier Tribunal Health Education and Social Care Chamber, (Mental Health) in October 2022.

This seminar is organised by Judicial Office on behalf of the Judicial Diversity Committee to assist with implementation of the Judicial Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

The seminar will take place online via Microsoft Teams on Thursday 6 October at 5 – 6pm

This seminar is aimed at Registered Medical Practitioners interested in applying for appointment as a Fee-Paid Medical Member in the First-Tier Tribunal Health Education and Social Care Chamber, (Mental Health), and will help applicants be better prepared to make an application and to receive up to date guidance and advice on the JAC’s selection process.  You will hear from serving Medical Members and a representative from the Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC).

Who should attend?

“Registered medical practitioner” means a fully registered person within the meaning of the Medical Act 1983 whether they hold a license to practice under the Act.

Applicants MUST have held a full-time or part-time appointment as a consultant psychiatrist for at least three years, one of which should normally be within the last five years.

AND have membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists at any of the following levels:

  1. Member
  2. Fellow
  3. Specialist associate

Please note SAS doctors or Associate Specialist doctors are not eligible to apply.

Details of seminar joining instructions will be sent out to you shortly before the seminar. 

Please register here.

If you have any queries regarding the seminar or would like to ask a question to the panel in advance, please email the team 

More information

The First-tier Tribunal Health, Education & Social Care Chamber (Mental Health) is an independent judicial body responsible for deciding upon the necessity for the continued compulsory detention of mentally disordered patients in hospital or the continuation of a conditional discharge, guardianship, or a community treatment order. Its powers and duties are set out in the Mental Health Act 1983 as amended (the Act). Its procedures are defined respectively in The Tribunal Procedure (First-tier Tribunal) (Health, Education and Social Care Chamber) Rules 2008.