Former magistrates share their experiences of being in the magistracy

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We spoke to a group of former female magistrates about their time as volunteers and what they enjoyed the most.

This is what they had to say:

Jackie, who chaired various courts in North Staffordshire from 2003 to 2016, shares, “I was a magistrate for many years – interesting and rewarding. I worked with lovely, committed people, and I still see some socially. Can’t recommend it enough.”

Jillian, currently in criminal courts for six years, finds it “the most rewarding thing” and stresses the helpfulness of the support provided by legal advisers, urging others to make a positive societal impact.

Pat, a magistrate for 17 years in adult, youth, and drug courts, describes the experience as “interesting” and “very enjoyable,” highlighting the diversity of each day in court.

Ann, a criminal magistrate for 15 years, sums it up, “It was a very worthwhile thing to do.”

Marie, after nine years in criminal cases, passionately states, “I loved being a magistrate, so rewarding. Training is excellent, and you are given a lot of support through a mentoring scheme. No legal background is needed – I try to persuade people to apply.”

Contrary to the misconception that legal background is a prerequisite, Marie emphasises the accessibility of the role. There are thousands of other magistrates with similarly positive experiences, so what are you waiting for? Find out more about the role and apply at