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Administrative Court

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The Administrative Court London has introduced a dedicated Document Upload Centre (DUC) email address:

Please note that this email address is not to be used for any Administrative Court cases outside of London. In those cases please direct all queries to the relevant regional office.

This email address should be used by Professional Court Users to:
a) request DUC links in order to upload documents; and
b) notify the Court when documents have been uploaded, in new and existing cases

Professional Users are requested not to send general queries to this inbox, only queries that relate to the DUC.
The DUC inbox is not to be used to lodge applications for urgent consideration.

Urgent applications for London should be filed with the court by email to

A size restriction of 20 MB applies.

Urgent applications for Birmingham, Cardiff, Leeds or Manchester should be filed at the relevant Court office.

This information is also available in a printable document below.