Administrative Court Office introduces a new case management system

Administrative Court

On Monday (7 August 2023), the Administrative Court Office introduced a new case management system which is part of the CE-File system.

This does not mean that parties will be able to file documents electronically yet: this will be introduced later.

However, CO case numbers for all live cases, plus cases that have been closed in the last three years, will be migrated over to the new case management system.

Please note: during August 2023, your case will be assigned a new case number with a prefix of ‘AC’.

It would be helpful when corresponding with the court that you quote both the current case number (beginning with ‘CO’) and the new case number, (eg CO/9000/2023 will become AC-2023-LON-009000). References for London cases will include ‘LON’ whilst regional cases will have their own identifier.

All new cases issued from 7 August are assigned a new case number with the ‘AC’ prefix.

You will receive further information regarding the date that the E-File part of CE-File, allowing you to access the electronic case file and upload documents, will be introduced.