Commercial Court annual report (2021-2022) is now available

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The Commercial Court Report 2021-2022 has been published today.

It includes an overview of the work of the Commercial and Admiralty Courts, Financial List, London Circuit Commercial Court and much more.

In his foreword, Mr Justice Foxton, Judge in Charge of the Commercial Court, encouraged anyone wanting to find out generally about the Court’s work or regular court users wanting more detailed information to visit the Commercial Court’s pages on the judicial website.

He added: “The report addresses the work of both the Commercial Court and the Admiralty Court, and of the London Circuit Commercial Court, which works in tandem with the Commercial Court, dealing with disputes which are substantial on any view, but whose size or complexity do not require them to be heard in the Commercial Court.”

Mr Justice Foxton explained that while the court has been very busy, its judges have continued to be engaged in a wide variety of initiatives outside the courtroom too.

  • The Commercial Court Report 2021-2022 can be read below.